18th Century

The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette

By Carolly Erickson - Published 2005


Biographical Fiction

Marie Antoinette begins writing her diary as a young girl in the 1760s and continues sporadically until just before her death in 1793. Through ...Read Review

Kingston by Starlight

By Christopher John Farley - Published 2005


AdventureBiographical Fiction

The trial of Anne Bonny, Mary Read, Calico Jack Rackam and their shipmates from the pirate ship William drew international attention when it ...Read Review

Whence Came a Prince

By Liz Curtis Higgs - Published 2005



It is 1790 in Galloway, Scotland. Leana McBride lives at her aunt’s cottage, nursing a broken heart, after the Kirk declared her marriage ...Read Review

Native Son

By J.M. Hochstetler - Published 2005



In 1775, the British have placed a price on ex-officer Jonathan Carleton’s head for deserting to the Continental forces. His love, Elizabeth Howard, ...Read Review

By Honor Bound

By Helen A. Rosburg - Published 2003



This historical romance spans thirty-three years, climaxing in 1793 during the Terror. Instead of the expected aristocratic-love-in-the-shadow-of-the-guillotine story, the author presents a romance between ...Read Review

Loving Soren

By Caroline Coleman O’Neill - Published 2005


Biographical FictionInspirationalRomance

This elegantly written first novel about Regina Olsen, the young woman jilted but never forgotten by Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, should quickly ...Read Review

Guardian of the Freedom

By Irene Radford - Published 2005



Georgie Kirkwood’s family derives from the union of Merlin’s and King Arthur’s descendants. All have magical powers, but only one ...Read Review

Revolutionary Mothers

By Carol Berkin - Published 2005



Americans tend to think of the War for Independence as a revolution, but in reality it was a civil war. Many men participants ...Read Review

The Girl from Botany Bay

By Carolly Erickson - Published 2004



A crime has been committed: a young woman on foot, journeying alone on the road, has been accosted by three highwaywomen. She’s ...Read Review

Divided Loyalties

By Phyllis Hall Haislip - Published 2005


Children/Young Adult

Eleven-year-old Teddy finds himself caught between two factions right in his own home in Williamsburg, Virginia. His father works for the Continental Congress ...Read Review