15th Century

Kabbalah of Stone

By Irene Reti - Published 2010


Kabbalah of Stone primarily takes place in 1491 in Girona, Spain, and follows the story of Domingo Fontclara, a scribe with a secret Jewish ...Read Review

People of the Longhouse

By Kathleen O'Neal Gear - By W. Michael Gear - Published 2010



This 17th installment of the Gears’ North America’s Forgotten Past series chronicles hostilities between several Iroquois tribes. In the story, eleven-year-old Odion ...Read Review

The Scarlet Contessa

By Jeanne Kalogridis - Published 2010


Biographical Fiction

Set in the late 15th century, The Scarlet Contessa capitalizes on the decadence of that time. It is the story of Caterina Sforza, ...Read Review

Knight of Passion

By Margaret Mallory - Published 2010



Jamie Rayburn first fell in love with Lady Linnet as a teenager living in Paris, only to find that Linnet was using him ...Read Review

Poison: A Novel of the Renaissance

By Sara Poole - Published 2010



Sara Poole, in her new novel, Poison, captures the color and pace of the best contemporary thrillers. With a style similar to James ...Read Review

The Lark and the Laurel

By Barbara Willard - Published 2009


Children/Young Adult

1485. The Wars of the Roses are over and Henry Tudor is on the throne. The defeated Yorkist, Sir Thomas Jolland, on his way ...Read Review

The Founding

By Cynthia Harrod-Eagles - Published 2010



Fifteenth-century England was a time of tremendous change. As the Wars of the Roses raged on, a new middle class emerged, comprised mainly ...Read Review

By Fire, By Water

By Mitchell James Kaplan - Published 2010


Biographical FictionLiterary

In 1492, three events would change Iberia and change the world: Isabella and Ferdinand’s reconquest of Muslim Granada, the expulsion of the Jews ...Read Review

Knight of Pleasure

By Margaret Mallory - Published 2009



Noblewomen of the early 1400s are accustomed to being political pawns in dynastic struggles. Isobel’s father wed her as a child to ...Read Review

The Botticelli Secret

By Marina Fiorato - Published 2010


In her latest novel, Fiorato brings us a lively, face-paced blend of history, art, and romance. Set in Renaissance Italy in 1482 during the ...Read Review