15th Century

The Lady of the Rivers

By Philippa Gregory - Published 2011


Biographical Fiction

Philippa Gregory’s third entry in her Cousins’ War series features an unusual character: Jacquetta Woodville, mother of Elizabeth, who in turn gave ...Read Review

The Maid

By Kimberly Cutter - Published 2011


Biographical Fiction

The Hundred Years War and the story of Joan of Arc are inextricably linked in the pages of history, and her story is ...Read Review

The Angel of Blythe Hall

By Darci Hannah - Published 2011



This story begins and ends in the border region of Scotland in 1492. Eighteen-year-old Isabeau Blythe has returned home to Blythe Hall after an ...Read Review

The Counterfeit Madam: A Gil Cunningham Murder Mystery

By Pat McIntosh - Published 2011



Pat McIntosh presents a tightly-wrapped tale of murder in 15th-century Glasgow. When shrewish Dame Isabella is found dead with a nail pounded in ...Read Review

Death in Florence

By Paul Strathern - Published 2011



This book, subtitled The Medici, Savonarola and the Battle for the Soul of the Renaissance City, examines a period which helped to change ...Read Review

The Shepherd Lord

By George Peter Algar - Published 2010


Biographical Fiction

Set in England during the Wars of the Roses, this is a fictional account of a real-life romantic saga. After the 1461 Battle of ...Read Review

The King of Silk

By Joe Douglas Trent - Published 2011



Michael Patriote is riding the crest of a wave of business success when he’s mugged in a Manhattan alley in Joe Douglas ...Read Review

The Dawn Country

By Kathleen O'Neal Gear - By W. Michael Gear - Published 2011


The Dawn Country concerns the peoples of the Iroquois in the generation before the coming of their great peacemaker Deganawidah, when the several ...Read Review

The Master of Bruges

By Terence Morgan - Published 2011


Biographical Fiction

The title of the book refers to Hans Memling the painter (1430 – 1494), the central character. With the Duke of Burgundy as his powerful patron, ...Read Review

The Borgia Betrayal

By Sara Poole - Published 2011



Rome, 1493: Francesca Giordano, a young woman of dark passions and even darker talents, is the court poisoner to Pope Alexander VI, Rodrigo Borgia. ...Read Review