11th Century

An Argument of Blood

By J.A. Ironside - By Matthew Willis - Published 2017


Set in the earlier years of William the Conqueror’s rule over Normandy, An Argument of Blood opens with him as a young, ...Read Review

Eadric and the Wolves

By David Mullaly - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

One of the many reasons I love historical novels is that they can throw light on a real historical person of whom little ...Read Review

Anglo-Saxon Boy

By Tony Bradman - Published 2017


Children/Young Adult

Magnus, son of Harold Godwinson, lord of the Southern Saxons, leads us through the events that led to his father’s fateful death ...Read Review

Daughter of a Thousand Years

By Amalia Carosella - Published 2017


This dual-timeline novel follows the stories of two women: Freydis, daughter of Erik the Red in early 11th-century Iceland; and Emma Moretti, modern ...Read Review

Ironside: The English King who fought the Danes

By Fen Flack - Published 2016Published 2016-04-09


Biographical FictionChildren/Young Adult

King Sweyn Forkbeard invaded England in the summer of 1013, when this novel begins. We follow the story of Wulfgar, a ten-year-old boy in ...Read Review

Conquest: Daughter of the Last King

By Tracey Warr - Published 2016


Biographical Fiction

STAFF PUBLICATION The latest novel from Tracey Warr is the first book in a trilogy about the aftermath of the Norman Conquest. It ...Read Review

The Constant Queen

By Joanna Courtney - Published 2016


Biographical Fiction

Elizaveta is the daughter of the Grand Prince of Kiev and betrothed to marry the dispossessed prince Harald Sigurdsson of Norway, also known ...Read Review

The Varangian: Book Three of Odd Tangle-Hair’s Saga

By Bruce Macbain - Published 2016



Odd comes to Miklagard – the Norse name for Constantinople – with the sole purpose of seeking out Harald, a former friend turned nemesis, and ...Read Review

Hereward: The Bloody Crown

By James Wilde - Published 2016



1081. Within Constantinople, a weak emperor is circled by three families, each determined to place their candidate, however feeble, on the throne of the ...Read Review

The Domesday Book (No Not That One)

By Howard of Warwick - Published 2014


Hastings, 1066 – William has conquered, but he cannot prove it because the body of King Harold is missing. He sends his best man, probably ...Read Review