10th Century

Saint Julian

By Walter Wangerin Jr. - Published 2003


Biographical Fiction

        Thirty-six short chapters describe the life of Saint Julian, the Hospitaller, chronicling his auspicious birth through the final redemption that seals his sainthood. ...Read Review

The Soul Thief

By Cecelia Holland - Published 2002


Holland has done it again. Spanning centuries and ages in her twenty-three historical novels, Holland here meets the tenth century head-on in this ...Read Review

Lion of Ireland

By Morgan Llewelyn - Published 2002


AdventureBiographical FictionMilitary

Brian of Boruma was the son of one chieftain and the brother of another, but he was perhaps greater than them both. The ...Read Review

Mother of Kings

By Poul Anderson - Published 2001


Biographical Fiction

Gunnhild, the daughter of a Norse chieftain, learns the ways of power early in life. Taught the art of spellcasting from a Finnish ...Read Review

Swords Across the Thames (Warrior Queen)

By Haley Elizabeth Garwood - Published 1999


Biographical Fiction

Alfred the Great of Wessex marries his daughter Lae to Aethelred, ruler of the neighboring Mercians. Trained as a warrior, Lae joins her ...Read Review

A Journey to the End of the Millennium

By A. B. Yehoshua - By Nicholas de Lange (trans.) - Published 2000



Set in the year 999, this is the story of Ben Attar, a Jewish merchant from Tangiers. His relationship with his nephew (and business ...Read Review