10th Century

The Silver Witch

By Paula Brackston - Published 2015



Set in both present-day Wales and in the 10th century, The Silver Witch tells the stories of Tilda Fordwells and Seren Arianaidd, two ...Read Review

Road to Knin

By Lee Fosseen - Published 2014



It is always nice to pick up a book that potentially will introduce you to new settings, and Road to Knin seems to ...Read Review

Norseman’s Oath

By Jason Born - Published 2015


Jason Born’s Norseman’s Oath, the fifth volume in his Norseman Chronicles, opens in A. D. 989, two years after the action of ...Read Review

The Empty Throne

By Bernard Cornwell - Published 2014Published 2015



The eighth entry in Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Tales, The Empty Throne finds our hero, Uhtred, somewhat incapacitated following the events of the ...Read Review

Staff Publication: The Viking Hostage

By Tracey Warr - Published 2014



The Viking Hostage is something of a medieval saga, covering thirty-seven years in the lives of three women and the men who rule ...Read Review

Norseman Raider

By Jason Born - Published 2014



Born, author of the Wald series, here continues his Norseman Chronicles by furthering the adventures of his hero Halldorr, who is once again ...Read Review

Shadows in the Shining City

By John D. Cressler - Published 2014


Enter again the world of Muslim Cordoba in the 10th century, depicted by this talented author in this fictional prequel to Emeralds of ...Read Review

The Shining City: Volume 1 (THE AL-ANDALUS SERIES)

By Joan Fallon - Published 2014Published 2014-10-01



The Shining City by Joan Fallon is a beautifully told story set in tenth-century Spain which focuses on a city in southern Spain ...Read Review

God’s Daughter (Vikings of the New World Saga, Volume 1)

By Heather Day Gilbert - Published 2013



The 10th-century world of the Vikings is conveyed in wonderfully vivid detail in Heather Day Gilbert’s absorbing and wholly satisfying fiction debut. ...Read Review

The Miracle Thief

By Iris Anthony - Published 2014


The Miracle Thief is set in France of the early 900s, a period of political turmoil, Viking invasion, and a decidedly Dark Age ...Read Review