10th Century

Treachery and Truth

By Katy Huth Jones - Published 2016


Children/Young AdultInspirational

In 10th-century Bohemia, Duchess Dragomíra of the Přemysl dynasty has taken over as regent and begins persecuting followers of the Christian ...Read Review

Edith from Wessex: Wife of Otto the Great, A Medieval Queen

By Regine Sondermann - Published 2012


Biographical Fiction

This fascinating, well-written, enjoyable and manageable read sheds light on a lesser-known figure from both 10th-century English and German history. The book follows ...Read Review

Alvar the Kingmaker

By Annie Whitehead - Published FeedaRead


Whitehead takes a period of history that is not over-represented, 955-983 AD, creating an historical adventure that has drama, some pathos and a ...Read Review

The Eye of the Falcon

By Joan Fallon - Published 2015


Joan Fallon is an author I have had the great pleasure of reading before, and once again I wasn’t disappointed.  The Eye ...Read Review

Warriors of the Storm

By Bernard Cornwell - Published 2015Published 2016



The ninth entry in Cornwell’s Saxon Tales brings us yet another glorious tale of Uhtred, warrior extraordinaire. Though there is a fragile ...Read Review

Devil’s Garden

By Lee Fosseen - Published 2014


This is book two about the Trpimirovic dynasty in tenth-century Croatia, and those who have read Road to Knin will be happy to ...Read Review

The Silver Witch

By Paula Brackston - Published 2015



Set in both present-day Wales and in the 10th century, The Silver Witch tells the stories of Tilda Fordwells and Seren Arianaidd, two ...Read Review

Road to Knin

By Lee Fosseen - Published 2014



It is always nice to pick up a book that potentially will introduce you to new settings, and Road to Knin seems to ...Read Review

Norseman’s Oath

By Jason Born - Published 2015


Jason Born’s Norseman’s Oath, the fifth volume in his Norseman Chronicles, opens in A. D. 989, two years after the action of ...Read Review

The Empty Throne

By Bernard Cornwell - Published 2014Published 2015



The eighth entry in Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Tales, The Empty Throne finds our hero, Uhtred, somewhat incapacitated following the events of the ...Read Review