10th Century

Raven’s Feast: Hakon’s Saga, Book 2

By Eric Schumacher - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

Very rarely does one come across a book written about the man remembered as Hakon the Good or Hakon Adalsteinsfostre. As Mr Schumacher ...Read Review

The Flame Bearer

By Bernard Cornwell - Published 2016



Though a fragile peace exists between the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of Britain and the last Norse-held kingdom of Northumbria, Uhtred begins his campaign to ...Read Review

The Unbroken Line of the Moon

By Johanne Hildebrandt - By Tara Chace (trans.) - Published 2016


The 10th-century Nordic lands are locked in a war between the Norse gods and Christianity. Sigrid, a chieftain’s daughter and devout follower ...Read Review

Seven Noble Knights: A Saga of Family, Betrayal, and Revenge in Medieval Spain

By J. K. Knauss - Published 2017


Based on an epic medieval poem, this appealing novel seems a bit of Romeo and Juliet overlaid with Spanish Christians and Moorish Muslims. ...Read Review

The Stones of Winter

By Oskar Jensen - Published 2016


Children/Young Adult

With the caption ‘A Viking tale of myth and magic’ The Stones of Winter is the first in a series of tales about ...Read Review

Treachery and Truth

By Katy Huth Jones - Published 2016


Children/Young AdultInspirational

In 10th-century Bohemia, Duchess Dragomíra of the Přemysl dynasty has taken over as regent and begins persecuting followers of the Christian ...Read Review

Edith from Wessex: Wife of Otto the Great, A Medieval Queen

By Regine Sondermann - Published 2012


Biographical Fiction

This fascinating, well-written, enjoyable and manageable read sheds light on a lesser-known figure from both 10th-century English and German history. The book follows ...Read Review

Alvar the Kingmaker

By Annie Whitehead - Published FeedaRead


Whitehead takes a period of history that is not over-represented, 955-983 AD, creating an historical adventure that has drama, some pathos and a ...Read Review

The Eye of the Falcon

By Joan Fallon - Published 2015


Joan Fallon is an author I have had the great pleasure of reading before, and once again I wasn’t disappointed.  The Eye ...Read Review

Warriors of the Storm

By Bernard Cornwell - Published 2015Published 2016



The ninth entry in Cornwell’s Saxon Tales brings us yet another glorious tale of Uhtred, warrior extraordinaire. Though there is a fragile ...Read Review