Amazon’s ACX (Audio Creation Exchange): How it works

Published in 2014 I was lucky enough to be invited down to the 2014 London Book Fair to be part of the Amazon stand and ...Read Guide

Indie Roundup: Stand-Out Independently-Published Novels of 2013

Reviewing indie novels for the HNS is not always an easy task. In some cases the reviewer is the first to read the ...Read Guide

Hidden Treasures for Historical Research

This article briefly highlights sources historical novelists can use in their research: digitized documents/images that are available on the internet for free, ...Read Guide

Which centuries are the most popular in 2013’s historicals?

The Historical Novels Review, the quarterly print magazine of the HNS, organizes its reviews primarily by century.  Novels set in ancient times (BCE) ...Read Guide

To Horse! Horses and Historical Riding

Most historical novels that include riding give nothing very much in the way of what it feels like to be on a horse. ...Read Guide

Alternate History

As a big alternate history fan, I get asked often to recommend a good alternate history books, but that is like asking me ...Read Guide

Guide: Christian Historical Fiction

I first came to appreciate Christian Historical fiction because I felt I couldn’t read one more novel about yet another King, Queen, ...Read Guide

Guide: The English Civil Wars

The English Civil Wars is a period rich in opportunities for the author.  There is the breakdown of political society culminating of the ...Read Guide

Forthcoming Historical Novels

The Historical Novel Society has been providing annual guides to historical novels for many years.  These lists are based on publishers’ catalogs, publisher ...Read Guide

The Classic Age of Sail

The sea has always fascinated man. Over the centuries is the medium that has brought the nations of the world together in trade ...Read Guide

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