The Tourist, the Expat and the Native: A Traveler’s Approach to Crafting Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is never solely about the past. Its subject may take us to another place in time, but the author is a ...Read Guide

Fashion History Websites

Do you want to get your characters’ historical dress details right? Don’t rely on fashion plates alone. Nineteenth-century fashion plates depicted women ...Read Guide

New Books by HNS Members, May 2017

Welcome to the first appearance of this listing, which features new historical fiction releases by Historical Novel Society members. The books are in ...Read Guide

Farrago of Research: Story Ideas for Historical Novels

“Farrago” means assortment or medley. I’m presenting a mixed bag of websites and books that provide story ideas and primary source material. (...Read Guide

“Yes, We Have No Tomatoes”; Or, Why Food History Matters in Historical Fiction

Lucinda Byatt, with contributions from Martine Bailey and Dr Annie Gray, takes a look at food history. The title is rather tongue-in-cheek, but ...Read Guide

Looking for Historically Accurate Names for Your Historical Novel

Are you a stickler for historical accuracy? Do you want to make sure your characters have period-appropriate names? There are some good websites ...Read Guide

Older Books as Story Idea Generators

Are your usual sources of story ideas tapped out? Is your publisher pressuring you for details on what your next novel is going ...Read Guide

Historical Sport Resources for Historical Fiction Writers

Does your novel need a description of what people wore when skiing in the early 20th century? Are you setting a scene at ...Read Guide

Historical Fiction Research Sources for Working Class and Labor History

Are you writing about characters among the working classes in the British and American past? Here are books on the social aspects of ...Read Guide

Sources of Research for the Battle of Waterloo and the War of 1812

The 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo prompted me to search for digitized resources on the battle, only to be brought up ...Read Guide

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