Multi-Period Novels: The Keys to Weaving Together Two Stories from Different Time Periods

In Historical Fiction II: A Guide to the Genre, HNR’s own Sarah Johnson discusses how “multi-period novels shift between contemporary and historical ...Read Guide

New books by HNS members, February 2018

Congrats to the following HNS author members on their new and upcoming releases! For members: if you’ve written a historical novel or ...Read Guide

Does Your Historical Novel Contain a Protest? Some primary source documents on social activism

Does your historical novel’s plot incorporate a protest movement or other type of historical social activism? There are a lot of great ...Read Guide

Seeking the Stuarts? 17th century secondary sources

As part of a recent interview with the Historical Novel Society, historian Johanna Luthman, author of LOVE, MADNESS & SCANDAL: THE LIFE OF ...Read Guide

New Books by HNS Members, August 2017

We have a bumper crop of new releases from our prolific membership. Books are in order by date, with descriptions provided by the ...Read Guide

The Tourist, the Expat and the Native: A Traveler’s Approach to Crafting Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is never solely about the past. Its subject may take us to another place in time, but the author is a ...Read Guide

Fashion History Websites

Do you want to get your characters’ historical dress details right? Don’t rely on fashion plates alone. Nineteenth-century fashion plates depicted women ...Read Guide

New Books by HNS Members, May 2017

Welcome to the first appearance of this listing, which features new historical fiction releases by Historical Novel Society members. The books are in ...Read Guide

Farrago of Research: Story Ideas for Historical Novels

“Farrago” means assortment or medley. I’m presenting a mixed bag of websites and books that provide story ideas and primary source material. (...Read Guide

“Yes, We Have No Tomatoes”; Or, Why Food History Matters in Historical Fiction

Lucinda Byatt, with contributions from Martine Bailey and Dr Annie Gray, takes a look at food history. The title is rather tongue-in-cheek, but ...Read Guide

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