Some Web Resources for 1066

Game Excellent 1066 game – play with the family and introduce them to Fulford, Stamford Bridge and Hastings (Senlac). Warning: contains some taunts with some (...Read Guide

1066 in historical fiction

Supposedly the last date when the English were conquered, 1066 has long been an iconic, favoured subject for historical fiction. It is a bloody, ...Read Guide

James Aitcheson on William fitz Osbern

James Aitcheson is the author of Sworn Sword, first in a new series of novels about the aftermath of 1066. “Better than the very ...Read Guide

Elizabeth Chadwick on Edward of Salisbury

EDWARD OF SALISBURY: A look at an unknown player who survived 1066 EDWARD OF SALISBURY: WHO? That is what I would like to know ...Read Guide

Stewart Binns on Edgar the Atheling

The Great Survivor Edgar the Atheling and 1066 It is difficult to decide whether Edgar the Atheling was fortunate or unfortunate to be only ...Read Guide

The Nazis and the Bayeux Tapestry

October 14th 2011 marks the 945th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. At least one reason why this date stays in our minds is ...Read Guide

The Unknown Soldiers of 1066

History – like memory – tends to fixate on the principal players, victors and casualties, and glosses over circumstantial details and many events of interest ...Read Guide

Matilda of Flanders

In making his preparations to invade England, Duke William of Normandy had the full support of his ambitious wife, Matilda of Flanders, who ...Read Guide

Queen Alditha – Harold’s Queen

Before he was crowned as King in January 1066, Harold Godwinesson had what we would now call a common law wife – Edyth Swannhaels – Edith ...Read Guide

Guide: Edith Swan-neck and The Battle of Hastings

Shortly after The Battle of Hastings Eadgifu Swanneshals, known as Edith Swan-neck, was brought to the field at Senlac by two priests of ...Read Guide