Tracey Warr

Conquest: The Anarchy (The Conquest)

By Tracey Warr - Published 2020


As the priest pronounces Nest married to a man she doesn’t want, her dead lover appears. But this is the 12th century, ...Read Review

Conquest II: The Drowned Court

By Tracey Warr - Published 2017


This is the second volume of a trilogy based on the life of Nest ferch Rhys, the Welsh princess who was one of ...Read Review

Conquest: Daughter of the Last King

By Tracey Warr - Published 2016


Biographical Fiction

STAFF PUBLICATION The latest novel from Tracey Warr is the first book in a trilogy about the aftermath of the Norman Conquest. It ...Read Review

Staff Publication: The Viking Hostage

By Tracey Warr - Published 2014



The Viking Hostage is something of a medieval saga, covering thirty-seven years in the lives of three women and the men who rule ...Read Review

Almodis, The Peaceweaver

By Tracey Warr - Published 2011


Biographical Fiction

11th-century Occitania is a collection of counties and walled cities ruled by families continually fighting and marrying among themselves to increase their lands ...Read Review