Terry Roberts

The Sky Club

By Terry Roberts - Published 2022


A love story wrapped in a Depression-era moonshine-rich and jazz-bright adventure, The Sky Club is the fifth published novel from this native of ...Read Review

My Mistress’ Eyes are Raven Black

By Terry Roberts - Published 2021



In this atmospheric historical thriller set at Ellis Island’s Isolation Hospital in 1920, Stephen Robbins, a private investigator, and a nurse, Lucy Paul, ...Read Review

The Holy Ghost Speakeasy and Revival

By Terry Roberts - Published 2018



Set in rural North Carolina amidst the swing of Prohibition, this story follows the perilous adventures of the passionate traveling preacher Jedidiah Robbins. ...Read Review

That Bright Land

By Terry Roberts - Published 2016



In the mountains and small towns of western North Carolina in 1866, returning soldiers from both sides have settled into uneasy peace—but, for ...Read Review

A Short Time to Stay Here

By Terry Roberts - Published 2012



In 1918, the little town of Hot Springs, North Carolina, held the largest World War I internment camp in the United States. More than 2,000 ...Read Review