Taylor Brown


By Taylor Brown - Published 2022


In the 1930s, daredevil pilot Zeno Marigold and his equally fearless wife, Della, barnstorm around rural Georgia for nickels and dimes in their ...Read Review

Gods of Howl Mountain

By Taylor Brown - Published 2018



The Korean War was unforgiving, particularly for the United States, whose forces were exceptionally unequipped, unprepared, and inadequately trained. Rory Docherty returns to ...Read Review

The River of Kings

By Taylor Brown - Published 2017


Taylor Brown’s second novel tells the story of two brothers, Lawton and Hunter, who decide to travel down the iconic Altamaha River ...Read Review

Fallen Land

By Taylor Brown - Published 2016


During the US Civil War, Callum, an orphaned Irish immigrant, runs afoul of his commanding officer when he deserts to rescue a young ...Read Review