T.C. Boyle

Outside Looking In

By T.C. Boyle - Published 2019



This novel about acid guru Timothy Leary, his band of Harvard-grad-student devotees, and their 1960s acid-laced research into the psychiatric possibilities for LSD ...Read Review

San Miguel

By T.C. Boyle - Published 2012


In 1888, Marantha and Will Waters sail to one of California’s Channel Islands, San Miguel, to operate a sheep ranch. Accompanying them are ...Read Review

The Women

By T.C. Boyle - Published 2008 (US)Published 2009 (UK)


Biographical Fiction

The visionary, egocentric subject of this book, architect/designer Frank Lloyd Wright, changed the course of history. Whatever his faults, foibles, or eccentricities, ...Read Review

The Inner Circle

By T.C. Boyle - Published 2004


Biographical FictionLiterary

Nothing is forbidden in Professor Kinsey’s human sexuality research, except failing to document one’s experiments for the edification of the group. ...Read Review