Susan Meissner

As Bright as Heaven

By Susan Meissner - Published 2018



Writing with tremendous empathy, Meissner shows how a family is transformed by tragedy and hope during the 1918 influenza pandemic. Pauline Bright has finally ...Read Review

A Bridge Across the Ocean

By Susan Meissner - Published 2017


This is a complex novel that alternates between past and present, with slight elements of the paranormal. In 1946, World War II has just ...Read Review

Stars over Sunset Boulevard

By Susan Meissner - Published 2016


Following the paths of two women, this story takes readers to 1930s Hollywood and the glamorous film set of Gone with the Wind. ...Read Review

Secrets of a Charmed Life

By Susan Meissner - Published 2015


In 1940, sisters Emmaline and Julia Downtree are sent to a small Gloucester village during London’s evacuation of children. Emmy, eight years Julia’...Read Review

A Fall of Marigolds

By Susan Meissner - Published 2014


Clara Wood and Taryn Michaels are both survivors, the former of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and the latter of the September 2001 World Trade ...Read Review