Scott R. Rezer

Shadow of the Mountain: A Novel of the Flood

By Scott R. Rezer - Published 2014


Scott Rezer’s hugely intriguing new novel Shadow of the Mountain presents a version of the Noah story from the Old Testament that ...Read Review

The Pawns of Sion (The Magdalen Cycle, Book Two)

By Scott R. Rezer - Published 2015


Scott Rezer follows up his excellent The Leper King, the first book in his Magdalen Cycle, with The Pawns of Sion, in which ...Read Review

The Leper King: Volume 1 (The Magdalen Cycle)

By Scott R. Rezer - Published 2009-04-02Published 2014


Young Baldwin, the valorous King of Jerusalem and Defender of the Holy Sepulcher in Scott Rezer’s novel The Leper King, has an ...Read Review

Love Abideth Still

By Scott R. Rezer - Published 2013



The American Civil War is raging in the background of the Scott Rezer’s novel Love Abideth Still when Sarah, his main character, ...Read Review