Sarah Jane Stratford

Red Letter Days

By Sarah Jane Stratford - Published 2020


The “Red Scare” of 1950s US – a panic fueled by fears of Communists infiltrating and influencing US culture – is made intimate and real ...Read Review

Radio Girls

By Sarah Jane Stratford - Published 2016


Maisie Musgrave, an unemployed Canadian-American living in 1920s London, lands a job at the up-and-coming British Broadcasting Corporation as secretary to the Talks ...Read Review

The Moonlight Brigade: A Millenial Novel

By Sarah Jane Stratford - Published 2011



Nazi-hunting vampires, led by an undead Roman general bent on rescuing Italy from Fascism? Why not? You can’t fault Stratford for her ...Read Review

The Midnight Guardian

By Sarah Jane Stratford - Published 2009



This first volume in The Millennial Series tells the story of Brigit, a fierce Saxon-era vampire with serious anger management issues, who is ...Read Review