Robert Dinsdale

The Toymakers

By Robert Dinsdale - Published 2018


“The most terrible things can happen to a man, but he’ll never lose himself if he remembers he was once a child.” ...Read Review

Little Exiles

By Robert Dinsdale - Published 2013


Convict transportation to Australia had ceased by the 1860s, but for the next century Britain sanctioned the exportation of another kind of human ...Read Review

Three Miles

By Robert Dinsdale - Published 2011



1940. During an intense Luftwaffe bombardment of Leeds, Captain Abraham Matthews finally corners Albie Crowe, leader of the gang of teenage thieves and black ...Read Review

The Harrowing

By Robert Dinsdale - Published 2009



On the eve of joining his regiment in January 1916, William Redmond takes one last walk with his younger brother, Samuel, through the back ...Read Review