Paul Doherty

The Queen of the Night

By Paul Doherty - Published 2006



Rome is horrified by a series of violent abductions in which the sons and daughters of the wealthiest Roman families are imprisoned and ...Read Review

The Year of the Cobra

By Paul Doherty - Published 2006



The Year of the Cobra is the third and final book in the series based on the memories of Mahu, the Egyptian chief ...Read Review

The Plague Lord

By Paul Doherty - Published 2002


Biographical FictionThriller

In 1322 Venice, elderly adventurer Marco Polo lies on his deathbed, remembering that dangerous time when he served as principal magistrate of the city ...Read Review

The Gates of Hell

By Paul Doherty - Published 2003



Paul Doherty, prolific writer of historical mysteries, returns to the campaigns of Alexander the Great. The third in his series opens with the ...Read Review