Pamela Oldfield

Isabel’s Wedding

By Pamela Oldfield - Published 2012


The three Fratton children have experienced a number of setbacks in their young lives, and what should be a spot of joy – the ...Read Review

The Penningtons

By Pamela Oldfield - Published 2011



Oldfield’s latest is a uncomplicated mystery with stock characters, familiar plot, and very little suspense. Although not intended for young readers, the ...Read Review

The Fairfax Legacy

By Pamela Oldfield - Published 2008 (UK)Published 2009 (US)


The story opens in 1921, with eight-year-old Elena Fairfax eavesdropping on a quarrel between her parents, Oscar and Hermione. “When the truth comes out, ...Read Review

The Longest Road

By Pamela Oldfield - Published 2008


This is a well-constructed novel with plenty going on as the excellently drawn characters interact in a Kent village and in London. The ...Read Review