Natasha Pulley

The Half Life of Valery K

By Natasha Pulley - Published 2022



I didn’t know they wrote books like this anymore: it is a good, old-fashioned Cold War thriller, with a secret Siberian research ...Read Review

The Kingdoms

By Natasha Pulley - Published 2021


AdventureAlternate HistoryNautical

In this alternate-history adventure, Joe Tournier comes to in a Londres métro station in 1898, so named because Napoleon won the Battle of ...Read Review

The Lost Future of Pepperharrow

By Natasha Pulley - Published 2020


Historical Fantasy

When Thaniel Steepleton, a Japanese translator, is summoned to the British Legation in Tokyo to investigate a series of hauntings, his credulity is ...Read Review

The Bedlam Stacks

By Natasha Pulley - Published 2017


This immensely readable novel set in Victorian England provides a frolicsome yet compelling examination of history, determinism, and the borders of reality. The ...Read Review

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street

By Natasha Pulley - Published 2015


AdventureHistorical Fantasy

Natasha Pulley’s debut is part steampunk (with the obligatory octopus featured as a clockwork character, and other steampunk elements such as gaslights), ...Read Review