Morgan Llywelyn

Only the Stones Survive

By Morgan Llywelyn - Published 2016


Morgan Llywelyn reminds readers why she is the mistress of Irish historical fiction with this newest addition to her extensive body of work, ...Read Review

After Rome

By Morgan Llywelyn - Published 2013


The Romans have left Britannia. What remains on the island are disparate fragments of Roman British settlements and cities, roaming hordes of barbarians ...Read Review

Cave of Secrets

By Morgan Llywelyn - Published 2012


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

Ireland, 1639. Twelve-year-old Tom Flynn lives in the Big House near Roaringwater Bay in County Cork. On the surface, his is a life of ...Read Review


By Morgan Llywelyn - Published 2010


Biographical Fiction

Baptized into the Christian faith by Bishop Erc, a converted Druid, Brendán fosters with Sister Íta. She instills in the lad a ...Read Review

The Greener Shore

By Morgan Llywelyn - Published 2006


Briga, wife of the chief druid, Ainvar, becomes the first true Gael of Ainvar’s tribe. The first to leap upon Hibernia’s ...Read Review

1972: A Novel of Ireland’s Unfinished Revolution

By Morgan Llywelyn - Published 2005



At first glance, Barry Halloran, the protagonist of 1972—the fourth in a series of dated novels concerning Ireland in the twentieth century—would ...Read Review


By Morgan Llywelyn - Published 2003



In 1949, Morgan Llywelyn continues the saga of the Halloran and Mooney families, introduced to readers in her previous novels, 1916 and 1921. Although this epic ...Read Review

Finn MacCool

By Morgan Llywelyn - Published 2002


Finn MacCool, hero of third century Ireland, is the subject of a cycle of myths called the Fenian Cycle. Here, Llywelyn gathers many ...Read Review


By Morgan Llywelyn - Published 2001


Morgan Llywelyn’s latest novel chronicles the events which took place in Ireland between 1917 and 1923. After the Easter Rising, journalist Henry Mooney writes ...Read Review