Mike Resnick

The Doctor and the Rough Rider

By Mike Resnick - Published 2012



Doc Holliday, Thomas Edison, Theodore Roosevelt, and Geronimo join forces against a host of rival Indian tribes and a supernatural villain in this ...Read Review

The Doctor and the Kid

By Mike Resnick - Published 2011



In Mike Resnick’s last “Weird West” book The Buntline Special, Doc Holliday survived the battle at the OK Corral and “killed” an ...Read Review

The Buntline Special: A Weird West Tale

By Mike Resnick - Published 2010



Prepare for a wild ride! And suspension of any belief you’ve ever held about the Old West. (Readers of historical fiction based ...Read Review

Lady With An Alien: An Encounter with Leonardo da Vinci

By Mike Resnick - Published 2005


Biographical FictionChildren/Young Adult

Based on the idea that Da Vinci’s painting Lady with an Ermine could have extraordinary inspirations, the latest title from Mike Resnick, ...Read Review