Mike Kearby

Texas Tales Illustrated: “The Revolution”

By Mack White (illus.) - By Mike Kearby - Published 2011


Children/Young AdultWestern

Two-thirds graphic novel and one-third background material, “The Revolution” tells the story of events between October 1835 and December 1836 in the struggle to form ...Read Review

The Taken

By Mike Kearby - Published 2010



In 1864 Texas two young brothers are surprised by Comanches. William, the younger brother, is taken by the Indians and raised as a Comanche ...Read Review

Ambush at Mustang Canyon

By Mike Kearby - Published 2009


AdventureChildren/Young AdultWestern

Free Anderson, a former slave, and Parks Scott are partners in a business selling tamed mustangs to the Army in 1870s Texas. After ...Read Review