Mary Nichols

The Farmer’s Daughter

By Mary Nichols - Published 2016


Set in June 1944 in an East Anglian farming community, this novel describes the struggles of Jean to keep the family farm going after ...Read Review

Escape by Moonlight

By Mary Nichols - Published 2013



Summer 1939, and England is bracing itself for war. In the quiet country village of Nayton, Lucy Storey helps her boorish father to keep ...Read Review

The Girl on the Beach

By Mary Nichols - Published 2012


On a rare day out at the seaside, eight-year-old orphan Julie Monday meets the slightly older Harry Walker. It is an encounter neither ...Read Review

The Kirilov Star

By Mary Nichols - Published 2011



Beginning in November 1920, this novel follows the life and struggles of Lydia Kirilova, who leaves Russia as a small child. As a member ...Read Review

The Fountain

By Mary Nichols - Published 2010



Set in the 1920s, this novel is a cross between a family saga and a romance. Comfortably middle class, farmer’s daughter Barbara ...Read Review

The Summer House

By Mary Nichols - Published 2009



Lady Helen Barstairs marries her soldier husband at her family’s request and regrets it almost instantly when she meets Oliver Donovan. Their ...Read Review

The Honourable Earl

By Mary Nichols - Published 2003



Set in 1763, this is the romance of Lydia Fostyn and the Earl of Blackwater. Lydia is being pressured into marrying a wealthy but ...Read Review