Mary Ellen Taylor

The Brighter the Light

By Mary Ellen Taylor - Published 2022


Told in dual timelines, one in 2022 and the other in 1950, The Brighter the Light tells the story of the women who run the ...Read Review

The Words We Whisper

By Mary Ellen Taylor - Published 2021


Zara, a hospice nurse, returns to the home of the Italian grandmother who helped raise her and her older half-sister. Zara’s skills ...Read Review

Honeysuckle Season

By Mary Ellen Taylor - Published 2020


Honeysuckle Season is an intriguing novel of secrets, loss and family. A wedding photography assignment turns out to be life-changing for a woman ...Read Review

The View from Prince Street

By Mary Ellen Taylor - Published 2016


In modern-day Alexandria, Virginia, Rae McDonald has a successful career as a family therapist. Her own life is stagnant, her heart sealed off ...Read Review