Ludmila Ulitskaya

Jacob’s Ladder

By Ludmila Ulitskaya - Published 2019



This multi-generational Russian saga covers the period from 1905 until 2011. In 1911, young Jacob Ossetsky meets and falls in love with Marusya Kerns, an aspiring ...Read Review

The Big Green Tent

By Ludmila Ulitskaya - By Polly Gannon (trans.) - Published 2015



Ludmila Ulitskaya’s 500-plus page, classically Russian novel The Big Green Tent offers a tale of three schoolboys drawn together by their shared ...Read Review

Daniel Stein, Interpreter: A Novel in Documents

By Ludmila Ulitskaya - Published 2011Published 2012


Biographical Fiction

The phenomenal story of Holocaust survivor Oswald Rufeisen is fictionalized in Ulitskaya’s Daniel Stein, Interpreter. Rufeisen was able to save the lives ...Read Review