Linda Holeman

The Devil on Her Tongue

By Linda Holeman - Published 2014


Canadian author Linda Holeman’s latest novel, The Devil on Her Tongue, is a gripping blend of tragedy and triumph, secrets and revelations, ...Read Review

The Lost Souls of Angelkov

By Linda Holeman - Published 2012


When Cossacks kidnap Countess Antonia Mitlovsky’s son, Misha, from the grounds of the Angelkov estate one snowy day in 1861, she initially holds ...Read Review

The Saffron Gate

By Linda Holeman - Published 2010



This book was a delightful surprise. I do not usually review romantic fiction, but this arrived just after I had sent out a ...Read Review

The Moonlit Cage

By Linda Holeman - Published 2006Published 2007



In 1846, eleven-year-old Darya is on the brink of womanhood. Her dearest companion, her Circassian grandmother, regales Darya with tales of her own past ...Read Review

The Linnet Bird

By Linda Holeman -



In 1820s England, young Linnet Gow is forced into prostitution by her stepfather. Using her wit and courage, Linnet survives life as a ...Read Review