Laura Morelli

The Stolen Lady: A Novel of World War II and the Mona Lisa

By Laura Morelli - Published 2021


The Stolen Lady has dual timelines and three points of view. In 1939 France, Anne Giuchard, a young typist at the Louvre, is asked ...Read Review

We All Fall Down

By David Blixt - By Deborah Swift - By J. K. Knauss - By Jean Gill - By Katherine Pym - By Kristin Gleeson - By Laura Morelli - By Lisa J. Yarde - By Melodie Winawer - Published 2020


Short Stories

In these pandemic times, readers of historical fiction will find deep resonance with stories of the Black Death and other pandemics. In this ...Read Review

The Giant: A Novel of Michelangelo’s David

By Laura Morelli - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

Laura Morelli’s novel transports readers to early 16th-century Florence. The Italian Renaissance is in full swing, and the cathedral has sponsored a ...Read Review

The Night Portrait

By Laura Morelli - Published 2020


Art historian Morelli immerses us in 15th-century Renaissance Italy and the mind of young Leonardo da Vinci as he paints Cecilia Gallerani, sixteen-year-old ...Read Review

The Painter’s Apprentice

By Laura Morelli - Published 2017


Maria Bartolini, the daughter of a master gilder in Venice in 1510, wants to follow in her father’s footsteps. But when he finds ...Read Review

The Gondola Maker

By Laura Morelli - Published 2014


Morelli, author of Made in Italy, sets her new book The Gondola Maker in Venice, 1581, and centers her story on Luca Vianello, heir ...Read Review