Juliet Blackwell

Off the Wild Coast of Brittany

By Juliet Blackwell - Published 2021


A ferry crossing the choppy Atlantic from France’s Wild Coast of Brittany, La Côte Sauvage, shuttles tourists onto the docks along ...Read Review

The Vineyards of Champagne

By Juliet Blackwell - Published 2020


Rosalyn Acosta, suffering from the loss of her husband, agrees to a business trip to Champagne, France, as a way to begin the ...Read Review

The Lost Carousel Of Provence

By Juliet Blackwell - Published 2018


In The Lost Carousel of Provence, Juliet Blackwell unravels the mystery of a forgotten carousel from Belle Époque-era France in three interweaving storylines. ...Read Review

Letters from Paris

By Juliet Blackwell - Published 2016


Claire Broussard’s mother drives into a Louisiana bayou, taking her life and leaving Claire with a harrowing fear of water and drowning. ...Read Review