Julia Drosten

The Girl with the Golden Scissors

By Julia Drosten - Published 2020


This novel is a mesmerizing story of an orphaned little girl growing up in Vienna in the years before World War I. It ...Read Review

The Elephant Keeper’s Daughter

By Deborah Langton (trans.) - By Julia Drosten - Published 2018


In 1803, a daughter, Phera, is born to the elephant keeper of the independent mountainous Sinhalese Kingdom of Kanda. Desirous of a son, he ...Read Review

The Lioness of Morocco

By Christiane Galvani (trans.) - By Julia Drosten - Published 2017



In 1835, Sibylla is rescued from a near-drowning accident at the London docks by Benjamin, a conniving clerk in her father’s shipping company. ...Read Review