Jodi Daynard

A Transcontinental Affair

By Jodi Daynard - Published 2019


A Transcontinental Affair takes a winning premise – the first coast-to-coast railroad journey in 1870 aboard the Pullman Hotel Express – and runs it off the ...Read Review

A More Perfect Union

By Jodi Daynard - Published 2017


Johnny Watkins and his mother arrive in America from Barbados. While they set their hopes high, there is a constant shadow casting fear ...Read Review

Our Own Country

By Jodi Daynard - Published 2016



Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1772. Eliza Boylston, daughter of a prosperous merchant and his ambitious wife, is anticipating a 16th birthday surrounded by her loving family. ...Read Review

The Midwife’s Revolt

By Jodi Daynard - Published 2015



In the spring of 1775, America finds itself at war with England. Young Jeb and Lizzie Boylston said goodbye to one another after settling ...Read Review