Jane Gardam

A Long Way to Verona

By Jane Gardam - Published 2013Published c1971



Author Jane Gardam (Last Friends, 2013) passes up Verona, except metaphorically, to take readers into the mind and heart of a precocious 13-year-old living ...Read Review

Last Friends

By Jane Gardam - Published 2013



This final volume in Gardam’s trilogy rounds out the saga of the complicated relationship between Sir Edward Feathers, his wife Betty, and ...Read Review

Crusoe’s Daughter

By Jane Gardam - Published 1986Published 2012


Crusoe’s Daughter, published in 1986, has been reissued to fill the gap between Gardam’s last novel (God on the Rocks, 2010) and her ...Read Review

The Man in the Wooden Hat

By Jane Gardam - Published 2009



This is a companion novel to Old Filth, published in 2005. As I had not read the first book, this may explain why the ...Read Review