James Lee Burke

The Jealous Kind

By James Lee Burke - Published 2016Published 2017



Forget the “Happy Days” of the carefree 1950s. Shortly after WWII, Houston, Texas is a simmering cauldron of mayhem, hatred, and incessant violence. ...Read Review

House of the Rising Sun

By James Lee Burke - Published 2016



Part of a series by veteran and best-selling author James Lee Burke, this novel presents the seemingly incessant travails of its protagonist, erstwhile ...Read Review

Wayfaring Stranger

By James Lee Burke - Published 2014


James Lee Burke writes big, ravishing books that are both regional and about who we are as Americans. Wayfaring Stranger opens in 1930s ...Read Review

White Doves at Morning

By James Lee Burke - Published 2002



Fictional accounts of the Southern experience in the American Civil War have been accused of dwelling on the “history as romance” school of ...Read Review