Howard Curtis (trans.)

The Measure of a Man: A Novel of Leonardo da Vinci

By Howard Curtis (trans.) - By Katherine Gregor (trans.) - By Marco Malvaldi - Published 2019



In Renaissance Milan, Leonardo da Vinci is in a difficult position. Acknowledged by all as a genius, he has been commissioned by Ludovico “...Read Review

The Phantom of Rue Royale

By Howard Curtis (trans.) - By Jean-Francois Parot - Published 2014Published c2008



Police commissioner Nicolas Le Floch has a rooftop view of the firework display celebrating the marriage of the Dauphin to Marie-Antoinette in 1770 Paris, ...Read Review

The Art of Killing Well

By Howard Curtis (trans.) - By Marco Malvaldi - Published 2014



It’s 1895. The famous cookery writer, Pellegrino Artusi, has been invited to spend the weekend with a baron and his family. At the ...Read Review

Saving Mozart: The Diary of Otto J. Steiner

By Howard Curtis (trans.) - By Raphaël Jerusalmy - Published 2013


Raphaël Jerusalmy, a Sorbonne graduate and formerly of Israeli Military Intelligence, invokes Anne Frank in his first novel. Like Frank’s diary, ...Read Review


By Daniel Arsand - By Howard Curtis (trans.) - Published 2012



Lovers is a short novel set in prerevolutionary France (1749) that illuminates a relationship between Balthazar de Créon, a nobleman, and a 15-year-old ...Read Review