Donna Everhart

When the Jessamine Grows

By Donna Everhart - Published 2024



While most people know our nation was divided during the Civil War, very little has been written about Southerners who fervently desired to ...Read Review

The Saints of Swallow Hill

By Donna Everhart - Published 2022


This novel is a terrific find—an engrossing example of Southern historical fiction that’s full of gritty realism, heart, and hope. Everhart ...Read Review

The Moonshiner’s Daughter

By Donna Everhart - Published 2020


It is 1960, and Jessie Sasser has inherited a legacy that she does not want: she comes from a long line of moonshiners. In ...Read Review

The Forgiving Kind

By Donna Everhart - Published 2019


Sonny Creech can divine water, but more than that, she can divine the storm that’s coming in Everhart’s coming-of-age story set ...Read Review

The Road to Bittersweet

By Donna Everhart - Published 2018


The Road to Bittersweet is an adventure story and coming-of-age story wrapped into one satisfying package. In 1940, Wallis Ann Stamper and her family ...Read Review

The Education of Dixie Dupree

By Donna Everhart - Published 2016


Alabama, 1969. “I wrote: I’ve lied to get Mama out of trouble—once again—this time to someone in the U.S. Government! ...Read Review