Chris Bohjalian

Hour of the Witch

By Chris Bohjalian - Published 2021



How far will a woman go to escape an abusive husband? In Puritan Boston in 1662, divorces are rarely granted, but Mary Deerfield, a ...Read Review

The Light in the Ruins

By Chris Bohjalian - Published 2013



What was it like for Italians and Germans to coexist as allies when the reality was that neither trusted each other? In 1943, the ...Read Review

The Sandcastle Girls

By Chris Bohjalian - Published 2012


The title is deceptive, as this is no lightweight beach read but a serious novel set against the background of the “Slaughter You ...Read Review

Skeletons at the Feast

By Chris Bohjalian - Published 2008 (UK)Published 2008 (US)



Once in a while a novel comes along that crawls into your soul from the first page and won’t let go, even ...Read Review