Cecelia Holland

Heart of the World

By Cecelia Holland - Published 2020


A disillusioned Templar knight, an orphaned Arab boy, and a traumatized Jewish woman make up the core characters in this action-oriented saga. While ...Read Review

The King’s Witch

By Cecelia Holland - Published 2011


It’s hard these days to find a writer who doesn’t let you down. Who delivers, time and again, an exciting and ...Read Review

Great Maria

By Cecelia Holland - Published 1974Published 2010


Maria, the fourteen-year-old daughter of a robber baron in 11th century Italy, is given in marriage to Richard, an ambitious young knight. “I ...Read Review

Kings of the North

By Cecelia Holland - Published 2010


Kings of the North opens with England being ruled ineffectively by Ethelred, his sons ripe for rebellion, and the Danes poised for usurpation. ...Read Review

The Secret Eleanor

By Cecelia Holland - Published 2010


Biographical Fiction

Just as her marriage with the insipid King Louis VII of France is coming to an end, Eleanor of Aquitaine has a clandestine ...Read Review

The High City

By Cecelia Holland - Published 2009



This novel continues Holland’s Viking series. Raef Corbansson is grieving the loss of his cousin Conn, who lies dead back in Kiev. ...Read Review


By Cecelia Holland - Published 2008



This fourth entry in the Corban Loosestrife saga takes us from frozen Viking trading posts to the outskirts of the Byzantine Empire. The ...Read Review

The Serpent Dreamer

By Cecelia Holland - Published 2005



Against the turbulent backdrop of the Viking invasion of Ireland in the 9th century, Holland, a prestigious and prodigious writer of historical fiction, ...Read Review

The Witches’ Kitchen

By Cecelia Holland - Published 2004


Historical FantasySaga

This is the second installment of the Corban Loosestrife series (after The Soul Thief) set in and around tenth century Vinland and Jorvik. ...Read Review

The Soul Thief

By Cecelia Holland - Published 2002


Holland has done it again. Spanning centuries and ages in her twenty-three historical novels, Holland here meets the tenth century head-on in this ...Read Review