Caroline Scott

Good Taste

By Caroline Scott - Published 2022Published 2023


In the West Riding of Yorkshire in 1932, Stella Douglas is a jobbing writer for a women’s magazine and the author of a ...Read Review

The Visitors

By Caroline Scott - Published 2021


Like many women in the 1920s, Esme Nicholls is grieving for her husband, killed in the First World War. The chance to spend ...Read Review

When I Come Home Again

By Caroline Scott -


Just days before the Armistice in November 1918, a soldier suffering from total amnesia is found in Durham Cathedral. Renamed Adam Galilee, he is ...Read Review

The Poppy Wife / The Photographer of the Lost

By Caroline Scott - Published 2019


“Missing in Action” is a term many have heard. This is the story of a family who is living with that reality. To ...Read Review

Those Measureless Fields

By Caroline Scott - Published 2014


Laurence Greene is gassed at Ypres, but does not die until ten years later. This is a timely reminder that the effects of ...Read Review