Anna Mazzola

The Book of Secrets

By Anna Mazzola - Published 2024



Rome, the Papal States, 1659. Ambitious, yet shy Stefano finally gets the chance to prove himself to his father and the world when he ...Read Review

The House of Whispers

By Anna Mazzola - Published 2023


Rome 1938. From the first time she meets Dante Cavallera, piano teacher Eva Valenti is fascinated by the good-looking widower, father of her newest ...Read Review

The Story Keeper

By Anna Mazzola - Published 2018Published 2018-07-26



The real hero, or maybe villain, of this book is the island of Skye, the largest island in the Inner Hebrides off the ...Read Review

The Unseeing

By Anna Mazzola - Published 2016


Biographical FictionMystery/Crime

This is the fictionalised biography of Sarah Gale, accused of being an accomplice to a murder in 1837 London. She is sentenced to hang, ...Read Review