Amy Maroney

The Queen’s Scribe (Sea and Stone Chronicles)

By Amy Maroney - Published 2023



When Estelle, daughter of the Grand Master Jacques de Milly’s falconer in Rhodes, arrives at the Cyprus royal court in summer 1457, she ...Read Review

Sea of Shadows (Sea and Stone Chronicles)

By Amy Maroney - Published 2022


This is the second novel in the Sea and Stone Chronicles set on the Greek island of Rhodes, which was ruled by the ...Read Review

Island of Gold (Sea and Stone Chronicles)

By Amy Maroney - Published 2021


Cédric, the landless youngest son of a viscount in Languedoc, France, has a knack for falconry. In 1435, after his father dies, his ...Read Review

Betrayal: Historical Stories

By Alison Morton - By Amy Maroney - By Anna Belfrage - By Cryssa Bazos - By Derek Birks - By Helen Hollick - By Judith Arnopp - Published 2020


Short Stories

An anthology of twelve stories from twelve different historical authors, each story in Betrayal involves—you guessed it—betrayal of some sort. The ...Read Review

A Place in the World: Book 3, The Miramonde Series

By Amy Maroney - Published 2019


In this third in the Miramonde series, set in 1505, grieving the loss of a daughter, Miramonde de Oto and her husband Arnaud move ...Read Review

Mira’s Way (The Miramonde Series)

By Amy Maroney - Published 2018


Mira’s Way, though one of a series, is a stand-alone story that grips from start to finish. It tells the dual tales ...Read Review

The Girl from Oto

By Amy Maroney - Published 2016



This novel has a complicated, interconnecting dual timeline. One is contemporary in which Zari Durrell, an American art historian, secures work in Scotland ...Read Review