A.J. Sidransky

Incident at San Miguel

By A.J. Sidransky - Published 2023


Three small groups of revolutionaries overcome guards who have been holding Prof. Edgardo Alarcón under house arrest in San Miguel del Padron ...Read Review

Forgiving Stephen Redmond (A Kurchenko & Gonzalvez Mystery – Book Two)

By A.J. Sidransky - Published 2021



It’s August 2006, in Washington Heights, New York City, and Detectives Tolya Kurchenko and Pete Gonzalvez are investigating the excavation of a corpse ...Read Review

The Interpreter

By A.J. Sidransky - Published 2020



The Interpreter is a fictional biographical WWII thriller, alternating between 1939-40 and 1945, gleaned from family records, particularly the experiences of Kurt Berlin. In 1939, 17...Read Review

Forgiving Maximo Rothman

By A.J. Sidransky - Published 2015



Anatoly Kurchenko is a detective in New York’s Washington Heights neighborhood – a community that straddles two cultures: One Jewish, one Dominican – and ...Read Review