The Re-Enactor magazine (it’s free!)

June 21, 2012

The Re-Enactor magazine, devoted to all things re-enactment, is one of the great free resources in the history and historical fiction world. Details here of countless events you can travel to and hundreds of traders who offer the widest range of historical ‘stuff'(not just armour and swords – you can buy Byzantine glass-ware, condiments from Roman recipes, even the odd distracting bottle of mead). You can also discover where, worldwide, there are re-enactment groups and events. Excellent!

The magazine has long been distributed by email only (I think there are around 3000 subscribers), but now it is also available as a free online magazine. I think it’s worth shouting about.

This month’s edition also offers some great giveaways from historical novelists as an appetiser for the monster Kelmarsh event on the weekend of the 14th July, which features the HWA’s brilliant Festival of Literary History.

Posted by Richard Lee