Save $100 on Greatest Knight tour with Elizabeth Chadwick

April 12, 2012

Held hostage as a young boy caught between warring royalty, William Marshal rose from a penniless, humble background to jousting tourney champion and loyal knight. Later in life he acquired land and titles through his marriage to Isabelle de Clare, the daughter of Richard Strongbow, a Norman baron and Irish princess Aoife McMurrough. He was a favorite of Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, and the two had a long and mutually beneficial rapport. Marshal was as well regarded by peers as he was the object of jealousy and allegation. Despite the fractious relationship among King Henry II and his sons, Henry the Young King, Richard the Lion-Hearted, Geoffrey and John (to become the infamous King John) Marshal fought valiantly in service to the feuding family—sometimes against his better judgment.

During this special history tour, delve into the fascinating life of William Marshal on an exclusive journey led by award winning historical novelist Elizabeth Chadwick, who has made an extensive study of the Marshal family. Across southern Wales and England we’ll visit many landmarks and towns associated with Marshal’s life for an in-depth look at the man’s remarkable achievements and enduring legacies among the scenic landscape of Britain.

See here the gorgeous brochure of The Greatest Knight, In the footsteps of William Marshal tour.

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Elizabeth Chadwick will be speaking at our Historical Novel Society Conference London 2012

Posted by Richard Lee