Membership Renewals

November 25, 2012

*UPDATE* As of Monday 26th November, all is fixed (I think….). Thank you for your patience.

A gratifying number of people have been trying to renew their membership over the last week or so – early birds, as it were – and unfortunately we have encountered a glitch with that part of the website. Our webmaster is working on this now, and we should have everything fully functional soon.

Sorry for the delay, but thank you for your support – and please call back again soon.

The system should automatically invite all members to resubscribe by email just before their annual subscription becomes due, and send a couple of reminders thereafter (though this clearly depends on us having the correct email address registered for you). We will also send you an email to say that your membership has officially lapsed if this happens, but not until after you have received your reminders.

Posted by Richard Lee