Margaret George confirmed for #HNSLondon12

February 15, 2012

Margaret George’s first novel, The Autobiography of Henry VIII, was published in 1986, and is now in its 33rd printing. A London Times and New York Timesbestseller, it was – and still is – the only novel to tell Henry VIII’s story from his point of view. Following that were Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles (1992), The Memoirs of Cleopatra (1997), which was made into an ABC-TV miniseries, Mary Called Magdalene (2003), Helen of Troy (2006) and this year’s Elizabeth I, which focuses on the later years of the queen. All were bestsellers.

She has also written a children’s book about turtles, Lucille Lost (2006).

Margaret now lives in Wisconsin, but grew up in places all over the world, including Taiwan in the 1940s, Israel in the 1950s, and Berlin at the height of the Cold War.

Posted by Richard Lee