HNS Short Story Award Winner 2014 Announced

August 20, 2014

The first winner of the $2000

Historical Novel Society Short Story Award

The House of Wild Beasts
Anne Aylor


• Emma Darwin, author of The Mathematics of Love and A Secret Alchemy, judged it “A lovely, crystal-clear voice, in a story which has real richness and human sympathy – as well as humour – in the subject. Everything technical is well-judged and deftly handled, and the writer has the confidence not to ladle in historical facts or writerly extras, but let the story stand, satisfyingly, on its own terms.”
• Ian Skillicorn, founder of National Short Story Week and Director of Corazon Publishing said “This was an original and gripping read.”

ABOUT the winner, Anne Aylor:

Born in New Mexico, Anne Aylor is an award-winning writer and teacher. She is part Cherokee and the author of two novels, No Angel Hotel and The Double Happiness Company. “The House of Wild Beasts” is a chapter from her novel-in-progress set during the Spanish Civil War, The Witness from Salamanca.
She has had short stories published by the Arts Council of Great Britain, The Literary Review, London Magazine and Stand Magazine. An excerpt from her first novel was a winner in the BBC Radio 3 Short Story Competition. Her work has been shortlisted for the Bridport Short Story Prize and the Fish Short Story Prize. Her play, Children of the Dust, was co-produced by the Soho Theatre and the Theatre Warehouse Croydon. Since 2004, she has taught over 100 courses in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, France and the US.






The runners up for the Historical Novel Society Short Story Award 2014 were:

2nd place:

Souvenirs from Kiev, by Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger

• Emma Darwin described Souvenirs from Kiev as “Another thoughtful and unusual take on an established subject, with a beautifully-rendered sense of the relationship of human creativity to human life – and the loss of it. Lovely ironies in the details of the embroidery.”
• Ian Skillicorn described it “A moving story which stayed with me after I had read it.”

ABOUT Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger
Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger is an American writer and communications coach living in Austria. She’s worked as a journalist and managing editor in the United States and has been writing fiction, poetry and travel narrative for over 30 years. After moving to Austria, where she completed her first historical novel, fate took her on another route entirely. She founded a communications coaching firm and has managed, taught, wrote training materials and developed learning games for 12 years.
In 2010, she took her creative writing seriously again when a lesser-known historical event would not let her go. She has since managed to align her two passions so that her writing now takes priority. She’s nearing the finish line with her second novel and will soon present both manuscripts to the market.

3rd place:

Cutthroat, by Katrina Carrasco

• Emma Darwin described Cutthroat as “Very successful in covering a relatively large amount of narrative ground, and a strong subject, in a beautifully-proportioned and measured arc of emotional change. The care and precision that shows in the language also shows (as it so often does) in perfect presentation: attention to all the details of the writing process can’t be faked, and makes all the difference.”
• Ian Skillicorn described it “A vivid and uncompromising tale.”

ABOUT Katrina Carrasco
Katrina Carrasco is a graduate student in the Portland State University MFA Fiction program. She moved to Portland from Southern California in 2009, and enjoys delving into the Pacific Northwest’s rich history to find inspiration for her writing. Katrina has completed two historical novels set in Oregon and Northern California, and is working on a third that takes place in Port Townsend, Washington. She loves discovering great new books, powerlifting, and going on outdoor adventures with her husband and two dogs.

Posted by Richard Lee