HNS International Award Winner 2012/13 Announced

April 12, 2013

The first winner of the £5000

Historical Novel Society International Award

Lost Paradise
Martin Sutton


• Richard Lee of the Historical Novel Society called it ‘the best novel I have read about the Great War since Birdsong.’
• Matthew Bates, fiction buyer for W.H. Smith Travel, praised ‘a haunting, generational novel of war, love, secrets and lies,’ which, he believes, will appeal to a wide and varied pool of readers, ‘with the scope of, say, a Kate Morton’.
• Carole Blake of Blake Friedmann immediately signed the author, and relishes the chance of introducing the book to editors at the London Book Fair.

A gardener on the Heligan estate, young William Pascoe is wrenched away from a blossoming but difficult romance, to fight at the front on the Somme. Contrasting the horror of trench warfare with the terror of those left behind in Britain, this powerful First World War debut novel is the winner of the first Historical Novel Society International Award.

For further information, please contact Richard Lee (

For rights enquiries, please contact Carole Blake ( or Louise Brice ( – they will both be at tables in the International Rights Centre for the duration of the London Book Fair


See also: Blake Friedmann’s author page for Martin, and this article in the Bookseller.

Posted by Richard Lee