Happy Launch Day – Lucienne Boyce, To the Fair Land

September 5, 2012

This evening at the Orangery in Bristol we’re delighted to announce that Lucienne Boyce‘s debut novel is launched! Lucienne was one of the first members of the HNS in the UK, and will be at our conference in London at the end of this month. She’s also working on a terrific new – HUGE – project for us, a Meet the Historians roadshow, which will launch next year during the Bristol Festival.

In 1789 hack writer Ben Dearlove sets out to trace the anonymous author of a best-selling book about a voyage to the Great Southern Continent. Everyone thinks the book is fiction: Captain Cook proved there was no Southern Continent. But others are interested in the author’s secrets, and the quest proves more dangerous than Ben had anticipated. Before he can discover the shocking truth, Ben has to get out of prison, catch a thief, and bring a murderer to justice.

“A gripping, thrilling mystery…the plot is complex, exciting, and has a high degree of suspense maintained right to the end.” Sarah Cuthbertson

Posted by Richard Lee